Live beyond the limit

Not only lacking of space is a common phenomenon in the world, but also lacking of imagination of space. Sim-Plex and its collaborators reinforces a core vision: to enrich our living environment with endless possibilities within a limited space.

Search "complexity" among "simplicity"

Sim-Plex believe in searching natural and adaptive complexity, that is multiple spatial scenario from simple details of living. After researching on the patterns of living, the practice aim to improve and expand the imagination of space in living by the methodology of transformation and reinterpretation, .

Ambiguity between art, design and living space

Art opens up our imagination of living. With the strong believe of "the theory of avant grade" of Peter Burger in 1984, art is not only restricted to gallery and separated from living. The practice is redefining the balance point between art, design and living space.

Deconstruction and reconstruction

Not bounded by the original definition of every space and furniture, Sim-plex eager to deconstruct every single part, with the process of analysing and merging, the space is reconstructed with new definition.

Site specific and uniqueness

Design is tailor made for every site and this leads to the uniqueness of every projects by Sim-Plex.


Poeticness, imageries and story telling

Routine lifestyle restricted our imagination. Sim-plex tends to drill into the every part of the projects: background, history, clients, site,etc and grabs a line of thinking which form the spine of a story. This story-telling genes of the projects sometimes create poeticness connecting with scenery in nature and injecting imageries into our lifes.

Maximisation of capacity

Space is treasurable and it is the mission of Sim-Plex to save each space and maximise the capacity.

Transformation and choices of living

To maximize the space of living, the practice investigate to incorporate flexibility into space. Transformation of space creates the choice of living.