Snow White in tiffany


482 sq.ft I Botania Villa, HK I 2018


A Space Full of Daughter's Love and Romance


After the birth of the little girl, the young couple’s living habits have changed. As a parent, they are still attached to the romantic scene before marriage. They have a wish about the new home: in addition to the basic function for the daughter’s growth, also preserve a grace and romance before marriage. Sim-Plex is missioned to renovate a 482 sq.ft new home for Labyrinth and Simon. By using snow white storage cabinetry and Tiffany's featured wall to create a living space that is suitable for child's growth but not losing any romance.

小女孩出生後,年輕夫婦的生活習慣有所改變,成為父母的他們仍依戀倆口子成婚前的浪漫情境,渴望新居除了可兼顧小女兒成長的生活機能外,亦可保留一份治癒心靈的優雅浪漫。Sim-Plex為屋主 Labyrinth 及 Simon 的482呎新居,以機能共用的雪白收納櫃牆,配以蒂芬尼的景牆,締造對女兒公主般寵愛與浪漫兼備的生活空間。


The Elegance of Tiffany

Labyrinth and Simon love foreign romantic huts.The Tiffany wall, as the focal point, is connecting the living and dining rooms, and the white cabinet is designed with elegant details to create a romantic atmosphere.


Labyrinth 與 Simon 喜愛國外的浪漫小品木屋,客飯廳無疑是家中的凝聚點,以蒂芬尼色的牆身作串連,雪白的櫃身配以典雅的線條細節,營造置身於境外浪漫小屋的氛圍。


Modern Vocabulary Interpretation of Classical Beauty

"Classic Style" is always associated with distant and complex feeling. Labyrinth and Simon look forward to the new home with elegant details, but yet with modern style. Sim-Plex endeavour to find middle ground between them. By diminishing the intricate classical details with simple lines, but still retains the edge details of the cabinet doors, with a pale gold carved hand-draw to create a modern and elegant detail.

The arch shape feature void of the dining room is also symbol of modern classic.


古典一向予人遙遠繁複的感覺,Labyrinth 與 Simon 期待新居擁有典雅的細節,卻又不失現代感。Sim-Plex以簡約的線條去淡化過於繁複的古典細節,但仍保留櫃門邊的花線斜口元素,配以淡金色的雕花圓手抽,營造富現代感的典雅細節。



Combining storage and beauty to support the growth of child

The spacial needs of Hong Kong families are often led by children, and a large amount of storage space is necesary. The dining room is designed with a L-shaped wooden cabinet wall to maximize the storage, while the hollow position reduces the sense of bureaucracy, and the trough lights enhance the brightness of the space; the small bookshelf is set at a low position, which is convenient for the daughter to read the book; the original ugly window and air-conditioning are also integrated in the cabinet and covered with wooden blinds, it is only opened when in used; all the corners are all curved to reduce the chance of bruising; the whole house is using ecological melamine faced boards as the finish to greatly reduce the amount of formaldehyde; the dining room retains much space and the solid wood dining table can be relocation to match the space.




In the bathroom and kitchen, in addition to the irregular shape of the cabinet to fit the circulation, the quartz stone on the countertop also introduce a mood of elegance.


IMG_0113_edited with ppl_low.jpg

Sim-Plex hopes to demonstrate the co-existence of a maximised storage and romance atmosphere in this project such that the younger generation will be more adaptable to the changes in living habit brought by new child.


Special Thanks to Decor Artist- Liz Mo